Saturday, January 15, 2011

The subject herein is controversial.  However,  it must be addressed.  Even if done so, in a forthright manner.   The Neo-Statistst make every effort to re-design humanity.   But, their plan specifically targets against one race.
     Thus, it is necessary to address the issue.   Social Engineers are forcibly trying to re-engineer an entire people.  This is not an attempt to bring the entire world together, as one.   In fact, virtually all nations are unaffected.

But, with all considered:  the priorities are completely backwards.  IF ANYTHING,  Europeans are LEAST in need of changing.   They are already attractive, cultural, and artistic.  While, in contrast; other peoples around the world lack this level of physical beauty.
     Different peoples typically have a distinct appearance.   And, Europeans features are less extreme, than others.   So, you'd think; "Social Engineers" would target far eastern villages.   Or Perhaps; Zionists should be the first to blend with others.   Their physical characteristics are certainly less than acceptable.   (It's the byproduct of too many centuries of close breeding.)  

     In contrast, Europeans are lesser defined.   They have features which are considered highly attractive.   Also note that many  countries practice Intra-community breeding.   In other words:  people within the same towns, generation after generation.   Meanwhile; Europeans have always mingled with one another.   This is why Caucasians have less extreme physical characteristics.
     (pronounced Ootsie) OTZI, the Neolithic mummy revealed that Tribes from Northern Italy came into frequent contact and trading with those from Northern Germany.   So, Europeans have always  interacted with each other. 

    Also, if "Activists" wish to blend characteristics of European peoples; then why is it necessary to look further?   For example:  Let's suppose, a "Social Engineer"  believes that Frenchmen have unusually large ears.  Therefore, it's considered necessary to breed with Muslims.   This is odd logic, especially considering who pushes these unorthodox programs.   It's none other than "THE LIBERALS".    Indeed, the same people who claim that it's wrong to judge someone based on their physical shortcomings.
   Yet, they justify transforming French peoples, merely for trivial perceived flaws.   But, if this really matters, then why not teach the French to blend with other Europeans ?   Indeed, A blend between Irish, Greek, and French would be suitable.   In other words:  There's no justification for promoting distant Outsiders from another continent.

    This same rule could apply to any European.    If The Swedish Government is so determined to bring foreign peoples;  why not choose Romanians, or Bulgarians ?     The point is:  Be aware when European Governments conspire to force migrations from Asia, and The Middle East.

The following video really captures the essence of Beauty. Filmed in Norway during Christmas; it first shows their rich culture. At the 5-minute marker; a group of stunning young ladies enter the room. Their physical beauty speaks for itself. Why would any "Social Engineer" believe it's necessary to change these gorgeous girls?

After viewing those delightful youngsters; it might explain why some jealous Activists are bitter toward them. But honestly:  Who needs to change their perfection.  Many are trying to transform Europeans into a new people, but, in truth, Europeans are in LEAST need of changing. They are already the most diverse and physically inviting people. 

If anyone expresses concern regarding Mass Immigration; they're often called "Racist".
But, in truth:    Immigrants ARE Racists:
  Here's an actual case:
A woman migrates into the USA, from Korea.  She then pushes for increased immigration.  [please note:   increased immigration is NOT the same thing as Diversity].    But, she describes it as such.   This woman proudly spoke out regarding her "Liberal attitudes".    But, it's a total lie.   In Korea, the people share a nearly identical physical appearance.   And, they are hostile toward any degree of pluralism].

     {In a visit to South Korea,  October 10, 2010; we encountered a popular Rap song addressing the issue.   The woman was essentially a Korean national, of mixed descent.   And, she spoke about the mistreatment she received from fellow Citizens; because of her physical appearance.  Ironically, she was a very attractive Korean who only varied slightly.  In other words:  she didn't look half-black, or anything of that nature.   It was surprising that anyone judged her based on physical appearance.  And, other Korean Rappers have also come forward}.  {In our trip to The Philippines, March 3, 2003; we encountered cases of Korean Nationals settling in cities;  such as Cebu.   These Koreans had enough Capital to buy local businesses.  In which case, they proceeded to Ban Local citizens from entering; as well as barring Swedish Tourists.  A few years later, the Filipino Government finally shut these businesses down}.

  Now, with that into mind:  let's repeat the previous information.   A WOMAN MIGRATES TO THE USA, FROM KOREA.   Then, when she becomes a citizen; she actively preaches for increased immigration.  And, in her exact words. she proudly declared: "I HAVE LIBERAL ATTITUDES,   I HAVE LIBERAL ATTITUDES".     This is why mass immigration can be so dangerous.   She wants more people to settle here, while Korea keeps its doors closed.

 Our movement does not promote racism.    We believe that all longstanding citizens should be treated equally.  Thus, if a French citizen has ancestors who originate in Africa; his Status is equal to any other.  Our movement is not intended to attack those who merely look different from us.   Rather instead:  WE ARE ADDRESSING THE ISSUE OF FORCED MASS-MIGRATION. 
  We are not prejudice against those who already come from mixed backgrounds.  So, if your Father is Black, and your mother is Italian; we are NOT prejudice against you.  We merely oppose the Media's strong encouragement which prefers mixing.    Hopefully, this will clarify the issue.

  Also, we are not prejudice against persons of Hispanic descent.   Thus, if ancestors arrived prior to 1980; then you are equal.    This movement aims to stop new-Latino Immigrants whose only goal is to serve their own best interest.   It is THEY who are racist.  They're only concerned with expanding their own populations into foreign lands.

Also, Many Jewish Girls are physically attractive.  However, many Jewish extremists are the byproduct of their attempts for world domination. And their people should integrate with gentiles; in order to improve THEIR physical appearance.  

Finally, this movement is not directed against American citizens of Mexican descent.   Many have ancestors who fought during the Mexican-American War, on both sides.  And, at war's end;  many decided to remain here.  They are equal citizens.   Our movement stands firmly against the Flood of immigration which is being forced.  

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